Topic outline

  • MEETING 1: Writing Sentences (Construct your writing: Topic Sentence)

    Assalamualaikum everyone, 

    In this lesson, we will learn how to construct good writing in English through topic sentences. After this lesson, you will be able to 

    • identify topic sentences in English writing
    • Write topic sentences to construct your writing

    • MEETING 2: Writing Paragraphs

      Hello everyone. Today, you are going to learn how to develop a good paragraph. Thus, after joining this meeting, you will be able to:

      1.  Identify the three key parts of a paragraph: topic sentence, supporting details, and conclusion
      2. Write a paragraph containing a topic sentence, supporting details, and conclusion.

      • MEETING 3: Writing an Essay

        Assalaamu'alaykum warahmatullaahi wabarakaatuuh

        Hello everyone! In this lesson we will learn about stages to write an academic essay. After the lesson you will be able to understand:

        1. Stages in writing an academic essay

        2. Basic structure of an essay and keys of writing parts of an essay

        3. Tips to improve your writing